Benefits & Features

We have designed EasyNow to enable Small & Medium Business Owners achieve exponential growth by

Reduce Cost

Reduce Operation Cost by Optimizing Performance

Task Manager will help you optimize your performance which will help you save operational cost & time. Task Manager will make sure business continuity even if the employee leaves the organization suddenly.

Streamline Work

Streamline Your Internal Workflow with Custom Process

Task Manager brings clarity between team member about ongoing work. It will streamline the entire process & work in a structured manner.

Avoid Silly Mistake

Provide Guided Steps & Checklist to Avoid Silly Mistakes

Manage Checklist to guide your team members to perform routine tasks with ease. It will give your real time update of work being done & team members can avoude silly mistakes.

Measure Performance

What You Can’t Measure, You Can’t Manage

It is important for you to measure your team’s performance & guide them to achieve higher productivity. EasyNow Helps you measure your team’s performance on single dashboard.

Value Calculator

We have studied hundreds of businesses to see how they manage their daily routine. What we found was extremely surprising that most of the business owners are losing lacs of rupees per annum which they are not aware of. We have created a Value calculator for you to figure out how much money you might be losing per annum in non-productive activities.

It will also help you reallocate your business funds.

See How EasyNow Will Help You Reduce Cost

Task Manager Awesome Features

Master List

Masterlist helps you to define SOP to structure your workflow. Master List eliminates silly errors in routine work resulting in higher productivity.

Check List

Checklists give your team a clear direction on the task to be completed. It gives you real-time updates of work progress.

Manage Task

Create & Assign Task with one click. Track team performance & get work done in real-time.

Virtual Manager

Virtual Manager helps you plan your day to get maximum productivity. Daily work planner helps you manage your day, win everyday.

Modules Included In Task Manager

  • Contact
  • People
  • Organization
  • Tags
  • Task
  • Checklist
  • Masterlist
  • Virtual Manager
  • Email Templates
  • Email Automation
  • SMS Automation
  • Punch In Punch Out
  • Form Access
  • Notice Board
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • My Day
  • Team Performance
  • Meetings
  • Business Calendar
  • Form Access

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